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PL Intro: 4D Math


About This Course

Welcome to the first pilot course of 4-Dimensional Education! Our professional learning is focused on helping educators teach what matters through new dimensions of teaching and learning, blending the dimension of Knowledge (like Math and English) with dimensions of Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning. We're excited to embark on this journey with you.

As we are piloting this course, we expect there to be some bugs along the way! One of the competencies we'll be learning in the 4-Dimensional Framework is "Growth Mindset," and we'll be practicing what we preach throughout the course. We're grateful to have a learner like you helping us work through these bugs, so we can prepare our course for a wider release. We'll be sending you a couple of surveys along the way to get your feedback on the course. Should you notice something seems off, please don't hesitate to contact our Director of Partnerships Katherine Bassett ( and our Master Trainer, Peggy Stewart ( with any questions.

This is a four-week course. Each week, you will have "Pre-Work" to help you learn the concepts of 4-Dimensional Teaching, which we expect should take roughly an hour. This "Pre-Work" is designed to prepare you for a weekly video conference on Sunday at 7 PM EST, in which you'll meet with your cohort and trainer to complete additional activities and discuss your work. During the video conference each week, you will then be able to see the next week's "Pre-Work" exercises.

Some of your pre-work will be completed through the 4D Curriculum Designerâ„¢ software, a tool designed to help you build learning experiences which integrate our four dimensions of teaching and learning into a robust lesson. To access the 4D Curriculum Designer, you will have your own unique link, which you will be emailed.

Again, thank you for lending your expertise to this first ever 4D cohort! We're so excited to work with you.